Who are we?

Founded in Abzac (Gironde) in 1928, Abzac is an expert manufacturer of sustainable cardboard packaging solutions with nearly a century of know-how.

The Generation range features our full selection of eco-designed small cylindrical packaging materials, small Kraft drums, presentation boxes, round boxes, canisters, and packaging tubes. Our small cardboard containers are created to protect and showcase your products. Our round boxes are natural, responsible solutions that meet not only sustainable development goals but also packaging reduction & reuse requirements.

Consumers want cardboard packaging and the Generation range features only designer, chic, modern, multi-use packaging: don’t throw it out, reuse it!

Our Values

The Group’s historic headquarters are located in Abzac, near Bordeaux, in an 18th-century factory: “Le Moulin d’Abzac”. The Anglade family, the Group’s shareholder, is aiming to continue growing the Group based on a strategy of proximity & innovation, listening to customers and developing relationships of trust.

From the very start, sustainability issues have been central to the development of Abzac, which is committed to creating environmentally-respectful packaging solutions, prioritising the use of natural and renewable resources.

Our products in the Generation range fit into this industrial, sustainable tradition.


The Abzac group has a network of 14 factories across Europe and North America.

The products in the Generation range are manufactured in our dedicated workshops in Europe (France & Spain).